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Yet after supporting dozens of women to have peaceful, empowering, natural births that put them back in the driving seat of their life I have absolute confidence that it’s possible FOR YOU to have a birth like this too.

Pregnant mother with heart hands.

The Nourishing Motherhood approach is a harmonious balance of intuition and modern science to help YOU thrive in body, mind and soul.


—Your instincts failed and you got totally swept away in the moment.

—You’ve lost confidence in your ability to speak up and be heard.

You lost trust in your body, your sense of self, and the value of what you wanted.

You’re disappointed that the people in charge didn’t seem to listen to your fears and concerns…

…or you may blame yourself and be carrying around a heap of guilt.

I’ve successfully helped dozens of women to unpick these issues and connect to their strength.

I help women with previous traumatic births heal and gain confidence that they really can have a natural homebirth.

For centuries we’ve had holistic traditions surrounding birth in every country and culture, and the current maternity system is a foreign body, instigated largely by male curiosity into the workings of the female body.

Whilst no one will argue with life saving operations, the current rate of (as of May 2019, NHS Monthly Statistics*) 10 per cent instrumental assistance, 13 per cent elective caesarean sections and 16 per cent emergency caesarean sections can surely be improved with care.

Nourishing Motherhood invites you to a time when:

  • Women took care of women from pre-conception right through to the postnatal period.
  • Experienced mothers of large families would offer hands-on bodywork, herbal remedies, emotional support and sharing the inherited wisdom about what has worked for other women of our tribe.

It was always essential to prepare for birth under the guidance of the wise woman of the village.

To steep ourselves in her knowledge for a smooth birth and recovery.

To benefit from her calm trust in the Creator, and her feminine wisdom of experience.

You’re not alone if your last experience has left you feeling shaken, full of uncertainty, and wondering how you will cope with birthing this baby.

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There are hurdles to overcome…but with holistic support your confidence and trust that YOU will experience normality will be sky high and prayerfully hopeful.

When you undertake a journey of healing transformation I know that it’s possible for you to:

  • Have an exhilarating, energising labour and birth that leaves you feeling high and ready to bond with and feed your baby.
  • Cry with gratitude ‘I DID it!’ and enter a sacred postnatal period that protects you and your baby from harm.
  • Realign you with your ancestral inheritance of normality in order to pass on the wisdom to the younger women who follow.
  • Embrace the Wise Woman WITHIN YOU and become the mother and matriarch you truly desire to be as a legacy to your family.

Hiring a Holistic Doula helps you towards total health for your family. I support you and your baby during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period and protect your desire for normality in all parts of your life.

This is an opportunity to physically and emotionally reclaim autonomy over your precious body, and set new beliefs in motion that will retell your family story.


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I’ll be honest with you I didn’t know how I felt about hiring a stranger as a doula, but when I met you I felt so calm, and when you arrived for the birth it was really peaceful. My husband asked me if he would attend the birth if you were going to be there, and he was really reserved about it all, but when he met you he said he felt calm too. He was so grateful to have you there so we didn’t have a situation like last time. We both felt calm this time and it was really different.

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Doula support from £850.00 or 3 payments of £310.00. Extended payment plans available for those with low incomes and no savings. Basic Doula package also includes postnatal debriefing and breastfeeding support.

I support women with BREECH BIRTH, POSTDATES ‘OVERDUE’, PREMATURITY, MULTIPLES, ‘HIGH RISK’, VBACs, 1st BABY, 6th BABY, SMALL BABY, LARGE BABY, and all manner of variations.