A warm welcome to you Mama. I’m Khadijah Zyss; homeopathic practitioner, fertility through post-natal consultant, and mother of 8.

I love empowering women to feel integrated, embodied and living with autonomy for the natural health of their family.

You might be a bit of a peaceful ‘rebel’ (me too!)

Maybe you proudly wear the label “hippy” or “alternative mum”.

Or maybe you just want to quietly connect to natural solutions that normalise the motherhood journey, and help you to care for your family yourself.

Either way, what feels good and right to you may go against the grain, and when you’re tired, vulnerable and worried, it helps so much to get support from a qualified practitioner who is also a mum who has been where you are (many times over; who knows no mum ever stopped needing nurturing care and support).

I believe when we support each other towards gentle, loving mothering we contribute to a more balanced and kind world.

Many of my clients come to me seeking holistic, natural, experienced backup when making decisions around their healthcare both during and after pregnancy.

Most already have at least one child and want to ensure that their next birth is more supported and aligned with their values than the last.

Some feel pushed into a corner by their doctors with threats of catastrophic outcomes unless they have aggressive medical intervention.

Many have a health problem they can’t ignore, but want to avoid the never-ending spiral of conventional medicines.

All of the women who find me wish to keep their power, autonomy and bodily integrity and want to make birth choices, and healthcare choices for their children that uphold their values and intuition. 

That’s what I’m here for!

To empower you in your motherhood journey, from fertility through the postnatal period, and into a proactive role for your family’s health.

Our work together begins with helping you get clear on what is meaningful, important, and empowering for you.

And together we will find a path of healing, health and wellness that works for you and your family.

Here’s a snapshot of what I offer (see my other pages for details or contact me to share your specific hopes and needs)

  • Fertility consulting.
  • Natural pregnancy solutions.
  • Childbirth preparation.
  • Doula support.
  • Post-natal recovery.
  • Motherhood circles.
  • Healthy family homeopathy consultations.

Here’s to entering a whole new world of beauty, goodness and truth through your choices that lie ahead.