Alana: At the Breech

Alana contacted me to support her during her first pregnancy and birth.

A staunch Christian she wanted a woman of faith to be her companion at this time so she could feel comfortable praying out loud and have someone reminding her to pray if she forgot.

She had a straightforward, healthy pregnancy with no complications and was excited about the birth ahead. Having made rigorous plans for how she would cope to avoid any drugs or interventions, she didn’t really know if that would be possible (none of us ever do!), but she’d invested everything she had and was praying for ease.

I arrived at her home in the early hours of the morning. Alana’s contractions were very intense, but irregular, which can often happen when baby is in a bit-of-an-odd position and the contractions are helping to balance that out.

She was in good form.

After an hour or so the contractions changed and Alana was feeling some pushing sensations. The contractions were still not regular, and her belly looked a slightly different shape to what I was used to seeing, but her spirits were high and there was a calm determination and certainty that was all was well.

In labour Alana decided she would like to go to the hospital. She was feeling that she was at the upper limit of her ability to cope, and with contractions still very irregular felt that having the option for gas and air had become important to her in case she ended up wanting to introduce this kind of pain relief.

She felt that if the hospital was closer she would not have transferred, but knowing that during rush hour they could have up to 90 minutes in the car, it felt more reassuring to move in anticipation.

On arrival at the Birthing Centre Alana was actively pushing. No internals were performed and the midwives merely made their observations and gave Alana space to breathe. Her husband impressively took on the roll of physically supporting Alana in various positions that felt good to her. There was a strong sense this baby was trying to get into a better position to birth, and Alana was moving her WHOLE BODY in RESPONSE, like a beautiful dance.

It was beautiful.

As her baby moved down Alana was praying for help, but in a world of her own where her reliance was on God.

As baby started to crown some meconium appeared (the name for a baby’s first poop) and the midwives realised:


Ahhh, an explanation for the unique patterns Alana had experienced, and the shape of her belly.

Slowly, slowly Alana’s baby appeared.

We could see if it was a boy or a girl…

…but everyone remained sacredly silent.

Then some legs.

Then the body emerged.

The arms…

…and finally the face became clear.

Alana received her healthy GIRL into her arms.


And she and her husband felt FANTASTIC!

A first time mum with a breech baby is becoming more and more rare, and it was an honour to support Alana through the process.

She was on cloud nine, feeling fresh, and nuzzling with her baby immediately.

This is why Birth Matters!

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