Postnatal Recovery

The postnatal period ought to be a happy ending for us all after a healthy birth process where we are blissfully bonding with our baby and preciously nurtured.

It’s a time when the woman is supposed to be served and protected.

But for many women it is a lonely and challenging time.

For those of us without any family support we have to get back to cooking the food, doing laundry and keeping the home looking half decent for guests or health professionals who drop by, often against our wishes, at a time when we’d like to be snuggled up in bed and chilling out. There are huge expectations that we should ‘get up and get on with it’. The rest required is no longer honoured by our society.

As a mother of 7 I know only too well how much there is to cope with as a family grows.

  • Our body is leaking from all sorts of places.
  • We’re rocking our hormones, (or are they rocking us!?).
  • We can’t watch or hear anything sad without flooding with tears.

And yet we’re expected to jump up, put the baby down, and do the dishes.


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At Nourishing Motherhood we’ve been supporting women and honouring the sanctity of the postnatal mother since 2004.

We offer a comprehensive plan to help you rest, heal and be back on your feet at the right time.

This includes:

— Birth debriefing because we all need to tell our story.

— Breastfeeding Support for good milk supply & weight gain for baby.

— Bowen Therapy for Mama to unwind tension from the birth and restore the pelvis to neutral.

— Homeopathy & herbs for emotional balance and physical healing.

And we are now honoured to be offering Traditional Postpartum Rites from Morocco. So whether you got the birth you had hoped for and are wisely protecting your health at this special time…

…or you’ve been signposted here to start healing after a hard time…

We are building a community of mothers seeking natural solutions to all of the challenges of motherhood; and YOU are welcome.

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