If you’ve been feeling socially isolated and confused about some of your options during this pregnancy, but are excited about the opportunity to connect with other Mamas and learn about both natural birth AND homeopathy then this is the perfect childbirth coaching option for you.


Normal birth is an exuberant experience and is a significant life event well worth preparing for.

Just like for any major trip it’s wise to hire someone who has been there, done that, and attained what you value.

1-1 sessions are also available specifically catered to your unique needs.

In just 5 weeks you will:

  • learn how to be assertive even under stress
  • understand how to use key homeopathic remedies for major events during your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period
  • write a clear birth plan that is readable to health professionals
  • become confident making educated and informed choices for all the major events around birth
  • gain a sisterhood of support with like-minded mothers at the same stage of life (group programme only).

At Nourishing Motherhood we revel in the joy of birth, sisterhood and homeopathy, and you can trust you are working with a Mama of 8 who strives to walk her talk and practice what she preaches. All with a non-judgemental listening ear, and with the highest of confidentiality.

  • If you see the huge significance of a natural birth, and want to build a deep connection with your child then I may be the doula for you.
  • If you love to make truly informed choices and think outside the box, then I may be the doula for you.
  • If you prefer to take a holistic, intuitive, spiritual approach to life but are still a science junky who is fascinated by research, then I may be the doula for you.

Genuinely health-giving birth with it’s beneficial gut flora and hitting-the-heights with exhilarating hormones is almost unheard of in modern times.

But, like me, you know it’s possible.

Khadijah’s information, encouragement and wisdom enabled me to experience pregnancy and labour in its full beauty. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for her support. Not only is she well versed in explaining what to expect from the formal aspects of midwifery care, but she has a deep sense of intuition. Her love of nature, life and humanity allowed me to form a deep and everlasting connection with her based on trust and understanding. It was this very trust that allowed me to experience a calm, tranquil birth where I could allow my body to do its work and deliver my baby into the world.

Hiring a Holistic Doula for your Childbirth Preparation helps you towards total health for your whole family.

I’m available to support you, your baby & family during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period and protect your passion for normality and success in all parts of your life.