Words of Love: Birth Doula

Khadijah’s information, encouragement and wisdom enabled me to experience pregnancy and labour in its full beauty. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for her support. Not only is she well versed in explaining what to expect from the formal aspects of midwifery care, but she has a deep sense of intuition. Her love of nature, life and humanity allowed me to form a deep and everlasting connection with her based on trust and understanding. It was this very trust that allowed me to experience a calm, tranquil birth where I could allow my body to do its work and deliver my baby into the world.

What I liked about having Khadija by my side during my labour and the reason for why I asked her to accompany me for three of my births is her calmness and composure. It made me feel reassured.. I knew she was there IF I needed her but at the same time she didn’t fuss over me if I didn’t! She helped me to labour in my own way and never imposed her opinions or preferences about birthing on me.. I would never want anyone else by my side during labour!

Having Khadijah accompany me during my later stages of pregnancy and labour unfolds many cherished memories for me. Within those later moments when deep pain penetrated I have clear images of sweet giggly moments to numb the pain. I felt completely at ease and relieved having her within my space at such a precious time. She was ‘quietly there’ when I wanted her to be and picking up on my needs through a natural instinct given to someone whom clearly taps into and listens to what her clients feel.