If you feel like you’re raising children in a fast-paced, synthetic world, trying to hold it all together and wanting to press pause to reset and reconnect with the rhythm of the seasons and a natural, cleaner world, then I look forward to hearing from you.

Join the peaceful rebellion for mothers like you who want to connect to natural solutions in all the parts of life and take charge of their family’s health.

If you’re working hard, juggling a large family, busy managing your marriage, home and business, and the pace of life feels like it’s simply passing too fast then I invite you to get in touch for information about our motherhood circle.

The Nourishing Motherhood circle is for hippy and ‘alternative’ mums-of-many who at some point have been told they are ‘insane’ or ‘irresponsible’ when all you truly want is empathy and thoughtful reflection.

An opportunity to:

  • pause and be held
  • sit with like-minded sisters in a bubble of calm
  • feel heard and respected
  • gain strategies to rest and renew
  • learn practical homeopathic interventions for daily life

Finally here’s your opportunity to feel at home with yourself!

I understand the frustration and exhaustion that can come about when your lifestyle choices and health philosophy consistently go against the grain, and the conflict that can occur if you try to suppress it.

You crave a safe space where you can gain encouragement and support to constructively CLARIFY the drama in your head with women who ‘get it’.

You want to connect with women who HONOUR how you are making informed choices and taking responsibility for your family’s health.

You’d love to EMBRACE your messy striving for minimalism and God-centered choices in all the parts of your life.

I also serve families as a homeopath and doula, so you can rest into not having to do it ALL alone.