Nora – After Forceps Came Unassisted!

Nora’s first child had been brought out with forceps. She had felt restricted and claustrophobic from the moment of arrival at hospital, and her contractions had slowed. After many hours she was ‘almost glad to just get the baby out’, and now felt guilty that her daughter had not had the most gentle entrance to the world. Nora struggled to breastfeed and stopped within 4 months which she also experienced as a failure.

Nora’s mood was low when she got in touch, but with homeopathic treatment this changed dramatically over the next few months. She began to feel an ‘upsurge of hope’ and despite a diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes (GD) she was fully stepping into a space of empowered choice. Her main aim for labour was that any intervention she had would only happen if she felt she needed it for the safety of her and her baby.

Nora took the life changing step of changing her diet to keep her blood sugars steady instead of relying on the metformin. She realised that small changes reap big rewards and put her back at the centre of her family’s health. This enthused her with even more trust and confidence in her body’s ability to grow and birth her baby without drugs.

Nora woke in the early hours of the morning and found she was contracting regularly. She was thrilled and prayed an istikhara (prayer of guidance) about where exactly she should be to have this baby. She had arranged a homebirth against medical guidance due to GD, but wanted to feel spiritually sound in her decision.

After she had prayed her contractions notched up not just one gear but many, and as her doula I called for the homebirth midwife. Within 20 minutes Nora was pushing so I called 999 for paramedic support under the guidance of the maternity unit. As the rapid response arrived Nora’s baby was making his way out. Nora experienced a totally hands-off birth that she swore was entirely without pain. The rapid response medic helped Nora to sit up and cuddle baby and the midwife arrived within 10 minutes for the paperwork!

Khadijah’s information, encouragement and wisdom enabled me to experience pregnancy and labour in its full beauty. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for her support. Not only is Khadijah well versed in explaining what to expect from the formal aspects of midwifery care, but she has a deep sense of intuition. Her love of nature, life and humanity allowed me to form a deep and everlasting connection with her based on trust and understanding. It was this very trust that allowed me to experience a calm, tranquil birth where I could allow my body to do its work and deliver my baby into the world.

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