I work as a Bowen Therapist, Homeopath and Doula in Peterborough, supporting women with hormonal and fertility challenges right through pregnancy and birth and into the postnatal recovery period. I help families minimise the need for medical intervention.

Nausea and HYPEREMESIS are one of the challenges that can emerge during pregnancy, and I offer homeopathy for hyperemesis and pregnancy sickness both locally in person, and nationally via Zoom consultations.

As a Birth Doula in Peterborough I offer holistic, healthy approaches to bring RELIEF FROM PAIN during pregnancy, especially preparing for a VBAC when a first birth was traumatic and you are aiming for a physically and emotionally different experience this time around.

Women who are POST-DATES or ‘OVER-DUE’ can benefit from Bowen treatments and homeopathy to encourage healthy hormonal release and reduce tension, anxiety and fear which can get in the way of normal birth.

AMT Bowen is a gentle and powerful muscular and neurological release that aligns the pelvic bones and aids baby to ENGAGE and have a SMOOTH BIRTH.

1-1 Childbirth Preparation, Homeopathic Birthing Course with Remedy Kit, Bowen Therapy and Birth Doula Support are available.

Email: for availability and to book.

SPD. Pelvic Pain. Breech. Overdue. Back pain. Stress. Round Ligament Pain. Bump Pain.

Pelvic Congestion. Prolapse. Haemorrhoids, Hyperemesis and more…
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