Welcome to Nourishing Motherhood. My name is Khadijah. I offer support to women who seek natural solutions for their health in the postnatal recovery period. I work as a Doula, Bowen Therapist and Homeopath in Peterborough UK.


Drug-free birth and mothering can be the absolute highest point of life: literally in terms of the oxytocin that drives us; and that drives me to keep sharing the possibilities and ‘unconventional’ approaches towards gaining these kind of sacred, spiritually ecstatic experiences.

For better or worse women remember their birth experiences VIVIDLY for their whole lifetime, so receiving an experience that is in integrity with all your best hopes and dreams really matters; not just on the day or night that you meet your child, but forever after. Your stories also become part of your family birthing culture for generations to come. It’s an opportunity to create a ripple effect of transformation.

The PHYSICAL effect of birth on the future health and well-being of the next generations is MASSIVE. Medications impact on the gut biome and hormonal function and can have serious implications for both physical and mental health. A medicalised start brings so many more challenges to overcome for both you and your baby. When looking at the Big Picture a physiologically normal birth is simply common sense.

I’m an experienced mother of 7 and can help you create the kind of environment, mindset and physical health needed to meet your own personal birth and breastfeeding goals.

So why is it that most women still have some kind of medical intervention during labour, or the immediate postnatal period, even with Doula support?

Here’s what I’ve observed over two decades…

  1. The hospital system is not set up for normality. Everything about the medicalisation of childbirth disrupts our beautifully inbuilt hormones to birth our babies safely (for both their bodies, and our own).
  2. Normal birth is not respected as something important to invest in. Many women who originally want a natural birth drop this aspiration once in the birthing space, mostly due to the emotional pressure and fear mongering that takes place within our culture. The collective transformation of birth will ONLY take place when women set a new bar for what normality means (normal physiological birth does NOT include having the injection after baby is born ‘just in case’ OR cutting the cord before it has turned white, and yet these are routine practices in the UK). But YOU can always create your own personal revolution when you know CLEARLY what you want, and prepare for it.
  3. Hiring a Doula does not relieve the personal responsibility of each women to be fully present and in control of her OWN birth. Absolutely nobody can get a woman normality except for her own intentions, preparations and proactively setting up her space. Doulas can absolutely support you and uphold you in this: YES!YES!!! YES!!!!! but paying £100 or £10,000 will make zero difference to outcome unless YOU buy in emotionally and physically 100%.
  4. Most women are simply not physically and mentally prepared for birth. Knowledge is useful, but if your pelvis is wonky no amount of mind-over-matter or affirmations will help you on the big day or night. Neither will avoiding hearing or saying the word pain or contraction (PAIN PAIN PAAAAAIN with contractions can be delightful and sweet by the way!).
  5. Alignment and deep emotional healing WILL aid you to face birth (and your whole LIFE!) with renewed energy, vitality and passion to pursue your goals with excellence.

Most of the women I work with have the specific goal of no medical intervention unless absolutely necessary OR in the case of necessary interventions that it be kept to the minimum procedures or medicines possible.

I help you fully prepare to get the birth YOU want.


You’ve got someone 100% on your side, hearing and honouring YOUR needs and wants.

The presence of a doula goes a long way towards upholding and protecting your space and birth choices in an environment that is not set up for normality.

There is a lower incidence of pain relief and intervention needed at births where doulas are present.

You will be doing everything possible to make happy, powerful memories that will last you a lifetime: no regrets.


Many Dads feel strongly reassured to know they have a back-up presence for them too, and it often helps them relax into supporting their partner without pressure to ‘perform’ or Do The Right Thing!

Doulas can help signpost Dads towards tasks that their wife or partner may appreciate, and can buffer him from her wrath should he ever miss the mark! A good Doula makes space for the partners to dance their subtle dance to bring the baby out with the love, presence and confidence of both intact.

I have overwhelmingly positive feedback from Dads who find that having a Doula present brought them a calm strength no matter how the birth unfolded, and that they would never want to be without that steadying presence in the room again.


With a Doula present the Midwife is also freed up to focus deeply on her clinical excellence. Midwives and Doulas overlap in their care and concern for the mother and infant, and the Doula will always respect the sensitive Midwife’s space to lead, but the Doula has no clinical skill or responsibility. The emotional care and support of the couple is priority for the Doula, whilst fully supporting their practical choices; even when that goes against standard protocol. In the latter case the Doula can support the parents in describing their Informed Choice to the supporting healthcare team with peaceful resolution.

A compassionate Midwife-Doula relationship is a great joy to experience for everyone involved.



As a birth Doula I offer childbirth coaching either face-to-face in Peterborough, UK, or via telephone and Zoom. This can be anything from 1 session to as many as you need to be confident and informed about your options.

We can review your birth plan and make it as concise and readable to the medical professionals as possible in order to get a good viewing, alongside a more elaborate plan that your birth partner has on hand in case anything needs explaining in more detail once labour begins to unfold.


As a postnatal Doula I offer a range of support to mothers in Peterborough. Over the years I’ve been recognised as a Breastfeeding Counsellor with two of the major four organisations in the UK and have taken multiple trainings with Health E Learning. I nursed my own children over a period of 16 years including the experience of exclusive expressing, twin-a-thon nursing! tandem-different-ages, NG tube feeding, allergies, reflux and through early and late prematurity (32 & 36 weeks). There were also some, ok many! moments of normality and peaceful oxytocin bliss in all that, but whoever said having babies and feeding them is romantic, or passively achieved, didn’t hang out with motherhood long enough!

If you ever experienced agitation during breastfeeding and you’re not sure you can go through it again, then check out this brilliant resource on Nursing Aversion.

I know that every mother-baby dyad is unique, even when some babies arrive together, and that with time, discipline, patience and persistence you CAN achieve your goals.

Birth debriefing is available at any stage postnatal; even years later. For women who would like support in letting go of traumatic memories and experiences EFT is available (acupressure for emotions). Sometimes simply discussing the circumstances and understanding what likely happened physiologically can really help to bring a sense of peace and closure.

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The BASIC Doula package includes 3 home visits (usually 2 before labour and 1 postnatal) and being on call for a 4 week period, (including texts and calls to stay in touch at this time).

Fee: £500 deposit at our first meeting and £750 within 7 days of birth.

***Extended payment plans available for low income families***

The All-The-Works Holistic Doula package of support includes your choice from Bowen Therapy for pain relief and alignment, childbirth education, life coaching & EFT to heal emotional blocks and release sticking points, birth art, breastfeeding support and guidance to use a homeopathic birthing kit. Cost will be dependent on frequency of meeting and length of agreed contact, but a rough guide is £50-150 per week plus the on-call fee of £750.00.


From £35 per hour for visits within Peterborough.

I look forward to receiving your email so we can connect, and let your BIRTH and postnatal period be the catalyst for powerful change throughout the whole of your LIFE!