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Welcome to the world of motherhood!

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Beautiful bump!

You’re used to achieving great things and making a difference in the world.

Meeting goals, and ticking off every step towards your even greater vision.

Whether you’re successfully managing a business, at peak performance in your sport, or a high achiever in healthcare: you know where you’re going and how to get there in the most effective way possible – and you’re used to being the one in charge.

Pregnancy can throw some unexpected curve balls.

You’re excited to be carrying this developing blessing, but the hardest thing for you right now is to slow down and take care of yourself.

You see the huge value of a natural birth, and want to build a deep connection with your child; achieving that starts by reconnecting with yourself, and surrendering to a sense of ‘flow’.

This may be the first time you ironically need to soften and rest to be strong.

This pregnancy is a perfect opportunity to step into achieving from a more soulful place for your longevity and overall well-being.

To dance a new dance that leaves you feeling fresh and invigorated.

That means deep self care, downtime and, dare I say it, pampering to achieve more than ever before.

Through purposefully bringing a new cadence to your days and weeks you’ll be amazed at how you can fly – not with pushing and hustling – but rather with gentleness and ease.

This is your time to allow graceful strength into your life, and bring your baby into a calm and centred space; where he or she will thrive alongside you.

The Nourishing Motherhood approach is a harmonious balance of intuition and modern science to help you be in top form physically and mentally to face your birth with joy and ease.

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I’ll be honest with you I didn’t know how I felt about hiring a stranger as a doula, but when I met you I felt so calm, and when you arrived for the birth it was really peaceful. My husband asked me if he would attend the birth if you were going to be there, and he was really reserved about it all, but when he met you he said he felt calm too. He was so grateful to have you there so we didn’t have a situation like last time. We both felt calm this time and it was really different.

In it together!

Our current maternity system is way off-track. Whilst no one will argue with life saving operations, a rate of 29% cesarean sections, (May 2019, NHS Monthly Statistics*) & 10% instrumental assistance, (forceps or ventouse used at birth to pull baby out), can surely be improved.

For women who do birth vaginally almost no one opts out of receiving synthetic oxytocin; an intervention known to negatively impact mental and emotional wellbeing postnatally. Truly normal birth is almost unheard of nowadays.

Stand out and be as powerful in pregnancy as the rest of your life.

There are hurdles to overcome…but with holistic support you know you can get what you want.

Have an exhilarating, energising labour and birth that leaves you feeling high and ready to roll with breastfeeding.

Embrace the Wise Woman within you and become the mother and matriarch you truly desire to be as a legacy to your family.

Khadijah’s information, encouragement and wisdom enabled me to experience pregnancy and labour in its full beauty. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for her support. Not only is she well versed in explaining what to expect from the formal aspects of midwifery care, but she has a deep sense of intuition. Her love of nature, life and humanity allowed me to form a deep and everlasting connection with her based on trust and understanding. It was this very trust that allowed me to experience a calm, tranquil birth where I could allow my body to do its work and deliver my baby into the world.

Hiring a Holistic Doula helps you towards total health for your family. I support you and your baby during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period and protect your passion for normality and success in all parts of your life.

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Your Basic Doula package also includes postnatal debriefing and breastfeeding support.

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