If you’re reading this you probably know that this is NOT just ‘nausea’, and likely you’ve felt huge frustration at how little understanding there is towards this severe state of health.

Women describe:

feeling as if they are dying

that they are on the brink of a termination

that one more moment is insufferable

I’ve lived through hyperemesis myself and I hear, see and have had insight into the INTENSITY of your suffering. Each woman has a unique set of presenting symptoms that help point towards the homeopathic remedy that can address YOUR need for relief.

I will ask you questions about what makes the nausea and vomiting worse or better (I know – sometimes nothing!), how your sleep is, whether you have dizziness, a certain position in sleep, how your bowel movements present, and more.

If you’re new to homeopathy the questions may seem unrelated, but I’m tracking every small piece of information to find the remedy that will be healing for YOU.

Consultations are also available for any pregnancy sickness where it is impacting on your daily life.

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