I’m a mother of 7 children aged 6 – 19 and share the healing power of Bowen Therapy and Homeopathy for women and children. I offer hands-on healing and a postnatal support group to women in Peterborough, as well as online consultations by Zoom.

I discovered homeopathy in 2004 when medications were failing to cure a painful skin condition in one of our children. After 3 weeks of trying different drugs prescribed by the GP I felt increasingly desperate watching my child so uncomfortable, and her condition worsening. Despite being a low income family of 6 at that time, we negotiated a payment plan for a holistic consultation.

Within 24 hours our child’s condition had completely resolved with homeopathy, and that was the start of a new way of living for our whole family. It’s only one of the amazing miracles we have been thankful for.

We are blessed in modern times to have access to the mercy of pain relief and surgical interventions for emergencies, but I believe that starting with medical interventions does not bring about the best possibilities for both short OR long term well-being, and often have engaging conversations with clients about what health really means to them.


I left a teacher training degree early in 2000 to stay home with our eldest, and we had 3 children under 3 by 2002. Our fourth arrived in 2004 followed by (premature) twins in 2008, and the seventh joined us with a beautiful homebirth in 2012. That was a breath of fresh air after NICU/SCBU!

As I became more curious about health I pursued a wide range of courses throughout my motherhood journey, whilst full-time and full-term nursing my children, and volunteering in various capacities along the way.

I love to help women find the kind of satisfaction in life that makes Every.Day.Feel.AWESOME and brings happiness, peace and joy which filters down to the next generation. Motherhood is sometimes painted as a picture of martyrdom and drudgery, but we can absolutely live a creative and expansive life whilst full-time parenting.

I look forward to walking with you…into motherhood, and through…offering you medical-free options for your family’s health and well-being, and building community as we travel together.

~ Khadijah



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