Finding Fertility

You want to optimise the possibility of a baby as soon as possible; preferably without any medical intervention, and in a way that increases your health both physically and mentally. Through experience I can say that this is possible for a high percentage of my clients and I warmly welcome you to join them. 
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Whether your background of not conceiving is from physical tension/ misalignment, emotional trauma, or hormonal instability we can put a plan in place to clear the blocks for YOUR special journey towards motherhood. And we will do some deep inner work to support your emotional journey along the way. We will leave no stone unturned towards helping you enjoy all-round health, contentment and well-being alongside your intention & focus to conceive, hold and raise a healthy child.

As part of working with me towards your goal of having a healthy, happy baby, I offer alongside homeopathy:

  • a straightforward and highly effective form of fertility charting
  • nourishing homeobotanical tinctures for both you and your partner
  • structural therapeutic corrections which ready your womb & body to bloom with new life (for distance clients I will refer you to a colleague local to you when I’m able to find an appropriate practitioner, otherwise I recommend you find a local Bowen practitioner or McTimoney chiropractor yourself within the first weeks of treatment).
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  • Transform the root cause of your infertility with homeopathic treatment.
  • Increase your chances of successful conception through charting alone, by up to 65 – 78% in cases of sub fertility.
  • Learn how to pinpoint your most fertile time: without any inconvenient tests, apps or gadgets! in order to regain a sense of spontaneity, fun and passion with your spouse.
  • Receive Bowen therapy to align & bring balance to your womb & hormones in order for your whole body to be ready for this miracle.


Home visits for hands-on healing and local consultations.

Zoom for distance homeopathic consultations, homeobotanical and learning the fertility awareness method.



£35 for combined homeobotanical.

£50.00 fertility awareness education and 3 months of support.

See FEES for Bowen therapy and Homeopathic treatment.



A quick look at assisted fertility statistics makes for interesting reading. It’s very worthwhile looking at the whole document to see how your own circumstances look overall (bearing in mind each clinic will do a unique medical assessment that gives far more accurate estimates specific-to-you should you choose to go down that route), but some of the stats that stood out to me with the group of women I’m often working with are:

  • the average time women try to conceive spontaneously before seeking treatment is 3-4 years
  • the average age women seek treatment is 35
  • over 35% seek treatment for unexplained infertility
  • only 1/4 of all interventions result in a live birth (and this is when mother’s own fresh eggs are used with intention for immediate conception)
  • for women aged 40-42 that’s around 13%
  • for women aged 43-44 that’s around 5%
  • for women 45+ that’s 1-2%


Financial – £6,000 minimum.

Health – short term pain and distress due to interventions and the effects of synthetic hormones, and longer term increased risk of certain cancers (likely due to pre-existing susceptibility – like pretty much everything in life – but nevertheless triggered by the medical process).

Emotional – Indescribable.




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This approach is also suitable as a preparation package BEFORE ART techniques to optimise your possibility of a successful pregnancy after implantation. You should ideally commence this well in advance. If you have dates set for medical intervention and are unsure about working with me, please contact me to see how we can best optimise your success.