I’m grateful to be a mother of 7 children born between 1999 and 2012. I started doula’ing in 2003. After various training, memberships and past recognition from Doula UK, I’m currently an Independent Holistic Therapeutic Doula.

I’m a strong introvert which has encouraged me to creatively carve quiet time amidst large family living and a commitment to home educating my children since 2000. Books, books, books are a staple in our home, with a dash of various wool crafting. Spending time with friends, walking in the woods or breathing in the mountains is our soul food.

I’ve been involved in breastfeeding support since 2004 and have worked as a Breastfeeding Counsellor both on national helplines and running local groups. I currently practice as a homeopath, fertility educator and hands-on myofascial release therapist (a soft tissue corrective therapy for muscle-related pain relief and structural alignment).

Some of my more intense birth experiences included prematurity and breech multiples. I learnt that high risk does not always need to mean high intervention.

I have no medical certification, but some of my previous education informs how I personally understand and connect between research and reality. It’s my observation that instinct and intuition serve us ALL, and a large part of my work is supporting mothers to tune into their own unique spirituality and sense of the Divine Presence, whilst maintaining an awareness of medical research.

Body, mind and SOUL! I believe we have been created to worship and know God, and gaining closeness to and reliance on Him during birthing can bring some of the sweetest moments of our life.

It’s beautiful to me that in the raw, whirling energy of birth we can experience some of our most peaceful, ecstatic and humbling moments of spirituality, and the ripple effect spreads to our family, friends and progeny to follow.

I’d love to be part of protecting your journey and sacred space.

So God said, ‘Truly, the heavens and the earth were too weak to contain Me, but the soft, humble heart of my believing slave contains Me’. Hadith Qudsi.

I LOVE to learn and have taken short courses or gained certified training in:

  • Ayurveda for Midives, (Terra Rafael).
  • Fertility Awareness, (Billings).
  • Antenatal Education, (Antenatal Wisdom, Amani Birth).
  • Traditional Postpartum Doula, (The Nafsa Project School).
  • Baby Massage, (Birthlight)
  • Breastfeeding Counselling, (ABM, LLL, Health-e-Learning)
  • Birth (Doula) Support, (Paramana Doula).
  • Midwifery (6 months NHS, CPD Gloria Lemay, CPD Sara Wickham).
  • Applied Myoskeletal Therapy, (Pelvis & Lumbar, Upper Torso, Neck, Lower Extremities: John Garfield).
  • Fascial Release Therapy (Cert. CBS Bowen + Neurological + Mother & Baby).
  • Fascia Bowen, (Jo Wortley).
  • Importance of Symmetry, (Robert Smith).
  • Scar Tissue Release, (1-1 with A. McLaughlin).
  • Herbalism, (Laura Carpenter, Antenatal Wisdom).
  • Homeobotanicals.
  • Classical and Practical Homeopathy, (BIH, IACH, Erik van Woensel CPD, CHE CPD, Banerji Protocols).
  • Counselling, (BACP Level 2, Open University Level 3).
  • Chaplaincy, (Markfield Institute of Higher Education).
  • Life Coaching, (Healing With Hind).
  • Indian Head Massage, (Allergy Help).
  • Nutrition, (Plaskett International).
  • Kinesiology, (Touch for Health).
  • Montessori Education, (Karen Tyler, Keys to the Universe).
  • Essential Oils, (Village Midwives)
  • Birth Art Cafe Days 1&2.
  • EFT, (Jaqui Crooks Level 1,2,3).