Bowen Technique

I work as a Bowen Therapist, Homeopath and Doula in Peterborough, supporting women with hormonal or fertility challenges right through pregnancy and birth and into their postnatal recovery period. I help families minimise the need for medical intervention.

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Bowen is a DEEP ACTING myofascial release therapy which uses gentle rolling moves and can:
 – create STRUCTURAL skeletal change 
 – improve lymph flow for a healthy womb
 – calm the central nervous system to soothe anxiety
 – release muscle knots and back pain
 – promote hormonal regulation
 – reduce fibromyalgic pain
When you arrive at the clinic in Peterborough for your Bowen Therapy appointment I take a full medical history before performing assessments to find the primary imbalance that your body directs me to. Bowen treatments are offered on a couch in much the same way as for a massage, but clients remain fully clothed throughout.
Bowen moves can be made through clothing, and are usually felt as gentle. Particularly tight areas may require more pressure, and we stay in responsive communication for your comfort throughout your session.
The aim of Bowen Therapy is to calm down the central nervous system and target any areas of neurological or muscular tension. Once these are released clients often report feeling taller, more grounded, more steady on their feet.
Pain often disappears and movement returns to an area of injury after just 1 session.  Some clients report sensations of having had a full body scrub or ‘pleasant skin tingling’. Others want to have a good nap! Regardless of the range of relaxing sensations, everyone raves that Bowen Therapy puts you back in touch with your own body; and YOU set the pace of your healing.
As a Posnatal Doula in Peterborough I specialise working with women who are healing after birth, (even when that is still needed a year or two on). Packages for mother and baby Bowen in Peterborough are available alongside breastfeeding support.

Suitable for babies and children too.


Adults – £75

Follow up – £50

Children (Under 12) – £40

Mother & Baby Bowen – £75

Home Visits:

£90, £65, £55, £90 respectively.

Ask me for more info about Family Payment Plans if required.

CPD Courses Completed

Touch for Health Kinesiology Levels 1 & 2

CBS Neurological with Michael Morris.

CBS Mother & Baby with Sylvia Wilkinson.

Fascia Bowen with Jo Wortley.

Importance of Symmetry with Robert Smith.

Scar Tissue Release with Alistair McLoughlin

Applied Myoskeletal Therapy: Pelvis and Lumbar Spine with John Garfield