Baby Bowen

Bowen Therapy for babies in Peterborough!

I remember well 2008 spending a week on the maternity ward. My twins were born prematurely at 32 weeks and not having my own two in-arms (boo) I was occupied with expressing colostrum and listening to all the other babies who were close by. What struck me most is how many cries of obvious pain there were.

Having your head squished through a vagina to arrive in the world is pretty intense – having it gripped by forceps as you make your way out of said vagina, or tummy! is probably MORE so. Whilst a steady vaginal descent leaves the majority of babies pretty content, anything that is out-of-the-ordinary can contribute to a HEADACHE, tight neck muscles and even a clicky jaw before they’ve even started out in life.

And all babies have to offer up to us is their crying to express that Something Feels Bad.

Breastfeeding can also be affected and mum suffers with sore nipples to boot. Bleurgh.

baby in arms

Breastfeeding challenges and babies who are uncomfortable in their newly arrived bodies can make life miserable. For everyone. Pacing floors with your little one and feeling alone is enough to bring the best of us close to the edge.

Bowen is a great way to:

Calm down colic.

Improve breastfeeding latch.

Heal the physical effects of birth trauma.

Welcome your baby or babies into this busy world, with the most gentle, calming care from a practitioner with years of experience helping mums parent and breastfeed.


I hold an enhanced DBS certificate and require that parents are present for the treatment of under 16s at all times.

Home visits or City Centre venue both available.

See Bowen for Mummy here.