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Cats, Family and Essential Oils

There are a few Essential Oils that are staples in our home that I always like to have on hand.

(and nooo – I’m *not* part of a MLM, or selling you anything here, although I recommend for the highest quality supply that you yourself can receive a loyalty discount on with absolutely zero benefit to moi).

So here are our favourites:

Helichrysum: cuts, burns, healing wounds – stops bleeding and generates new skin tissue.

TeaTree: as an antiseptic to clean wounds.

Lavender: first aid for burns and itchy insect bites.

Clove: for toothache or general oral hygiene – dilute appropriately in (coconut) oil to avoid damage to sensitive tissues.

Thyme: mix with (mullein) oil and apply to external throat for tonsilitis/ear pain.

Bergamot: to chill us out and make us smile! Lifts the mood.

Vetiver: to calm and ground. Earthy tones make us mellow.

If you’re a cat owner using oils, please check out this article from the Pet Poison Helpline, as there can be some surprises about what affects our feline friends:

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