Bowen FAQs I

What type of physical pain does Bowen address?

Bowen Therapy addresses pain from both tight and weak muscles throughout the body by balancing the tension present in the soft tissues. It can relieve sciatic pain and neurological pathology or ‘shooting pains’.

Typical backache and tension headaches respond well to muscle relaxing moves.

Bowen offers help for (rheumatic) joint pain and oedema by aligning the skeletal structure and bringing drainage to an area. The pain from diabetic oedema can be alleviated with drainage procedures and improving blood circulation to extremities.

Bowen Therapy can help relieve painful periods, constipation, vaginismus, prolapse and breast engorgement by correcting pelvic alignment and improving lymph flow in these areas.

How many sessions are usually needed?
Typically there is improvement within a few sessions even with chronic conditions.
Attending for at least 2 sessions of Bowen is wise even with acute presentations as the first session can fix the imbalance and the second work to ‘seal’ the correction.
Your practitioner may prescribe neuromuscular re-education corrective exercises on the second visit when they have seen how your body responded to the initial treatment in order to help reprogramme the way you are moving and eliminate ‘maintaining causes’ to avoid reinjury.
Bowen Therapy is extremely effective for increasing a sense of wellbeing for those suffering with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. As your overall vitality may feel low with these conditions treatment starts gently and is beneficial weekly or fortnightly.
Is Bowen good to have on a regular basis?
When clients attend for support with their fertility, pregnancy is frequently achieved after 2 or 3 sessions. HOWEVER. I recommend 3 months of regular treatment, whilst at the same time partners abstain from fertile intimacy. This is for numerous reasons, but most practically to raise your overall energy and hormone profile to avoid miscarriage. I teach fertility awareness so you can understand the days that are still available for intimacy whilst avoiding conception and will also share lifestyle information to improve your overall health.
For women during pregnancy regular Bowen aids in overall muscle balance as their womb expands and offers an optimal space for baby to develop. A well-aligned pelvis aids blood and lymph flow and minimises varicose veins and congestion of the pelvis. Bowen impacts on hormonal production and distribution so can aid in staying pregnant and also going into labour at the end of pregnancy. Women who maintain a decent level of activity during pregnancy, with good pelvic alignment, have less tissue engorgement and are more likely to have well-paced, comfortable labours and an intact perineum.
Babies of mothers who receive Bowen during pregnancy usually smile when they receive their first direct treatment outside the womb, seeming to indicate they fully recognise the ‘magic’ of this comforting fascial touch.
Clients with chronic conditions will discover the optimal frequency of treatment for their own unique situation. I have clients who receive treatment from every 2 weeks to every 6-8 weeks in order to stay comfortable in their bodies. Your body will know.
Just a few treatments postnatally will aid in recovery for women who are fit and healthy. I teach scar tissue release to interested mothers who have had surgery (to begin once their c-section scar has fully healed).
Athletes find regular treatment aids in overall performance and recovery times.
How many sessions do you need for Bowen therapy for sciatica pain and what therapies complement healing with Bowen?
Typical sciatica will usually resolve within 1 session but require a follow up to help the corrective treatment to ‘hold’.
For clients where sciatica does not resolve within a few sessions it is worth persisting with treatment, but clients may also choose to look at homeopathy, acupuncture or a McTimoney chiropractic approach.
Occasionally treatment that is not responsive to soft tissue therapy is due to an ‘upslip’ of the pelvic bones. Some Bowen practitioners are trained to correct this, and others will refer you to another practitioner who can perform a gentle release to realign the bones.
Many Bowen practitioners combine their knowledge of and experience with meridians, kinesiology, acupuncture, nutrition, homeopathy, EFT, reiki and more to offer a unique treatment experience. Do ask your therapist what modalities they combine, and which other practitioners they refer to on a regular basis.
Treatments that are not suitable the same week as Bowen Therapy are approaches that manipulate the bones or work deep tissue.
Remember though it is YOUR body, and you’re free to choose how you go about your healing! At the very least it’s sensible to start one thing at a time so you can see what is actually helping you and avoid confusing your body with too many conflicting messages.
How long does the treatment last?
The hands-on part of the session can be 5 – 45 minutes depending on client need, and desired outcome.
Are the benefits permanent?
Where the overall health of the client is high and the imbalance is recent treatment will usually be quick and permanent.
People with low energy and chronic complaints need more frequent treatments to restore health, and in some cases treatment will always be palliative rather than curative.
The reasons for this are expounded in Georges Vithoulkas’ book ‘Levels of Health’ for those who are interested in understanding why some people have apparently miracle cures, and others can only be made comfortable with regular healing input.
What services do you provide ie is consultation online or in person and which area do you cater for?
I offer hands-on treatments locally in person: Peterborough, UK.
Homeopathy, homeobotanical herb consults and motherhood mentoring are offered online via Zoom.
Which conditions is Bowen recommended for?
As Bowen Therapy is a holistic modality that seeks to bring homeostasis and balance to the body, at every level of function, Bowen is recommend for anyone seeking a greater sense of alignment and well-being in their every day life.
What’s the success rate?
This depends entirely on the level of health of the person seeking treatment AND the way that they engage with taking personal responsibility towards their own health.
I have personally seen miracles that exceeded even my own expectations of how treatment can help with healing, (which is pretty high), and the common theme with these cases has been their prayerful expectation of God or a Higher Being as the Healer, and follow through with changes in lifestyle.
The synergy of spirituality/faith COUPLED WITH ACTION is beautiful to be part of
At this point in my own career I can say every client I have worked with has gained some change or response to treatment and around 97% have had the change they wanted and welcomed.
Of the few % who did not receive the change they wanted, all but 1 found Bowen relaxing and calming.