Initial consultation: £65

Follow ups: £50

One follow up email exchange is included for patients seen within the last 4 weeks.

Additional First Aid/ Acute consultation: £15

Remedies: £5 plus postage.

Consultations are conducted by Zoom online or home visits.

How acutes are managed is important for the overall direction of your level of health. Homeopathy can  be used during acutes, accidents and alongside surgery and infections.  Please note in the case of emergencies and serious acutes I ask that you access assessment and support from a medical doctor. Homeopathic medicines can be used alongside urgent care pathways.

Bowen Therapy

Initial consultation: £65

Follow ups: £50

Under 7’s: £40

Under 1s: £25.00


£12.50 for a 3 week supply alongside other support.

£42.00 as a standalone therapy.

£35 follow ups.

Birth & Postnatal Doula 

Postnatal Doula: £35.00

1-1 Homeopathy for Birth (including kit): £150.00

Group Homeopathy for Birth (including kit): £75.00

Hosting Discount for Homeopathy for Birth (including kit): £50.00

Birth Doula: £950.00 including 2 antenatal visits, and a postnatal follow up.

1 -1 Antenatal Education: £150.00 per session or 5 sessions £575.00

Fertility Charting

Up to 3 months of teaching and support: £50.00

$35 direct to sign up to Fertility Pinpoint where we will communicate about your charting.