Taking and Storing Homeopathic Remedies


Take your remedy with a ‘clean palate’ e.g. no food or drink for five minutes before or after taking the pillule. The pill can be sucked or held under the tongue.
For small children the remedies can be crushed between two spoons and a little of this powder dabbed carefully on the inside lip. From about 6 months of age neuro-typical babies who have started solids can cope well with the 1mm tiny poppy-seed-sized remedies.
You can handle remedies briefly to put them in your mouth, or use a dry teaspoon to remove from the packet.
A general guideline to prevent antidoting your remedy is to AVOID coffee! camphor, eucalyptus and peppermint. This can sometimes require changing your toothpaste to a milder flavoured option, (such as fennel), from your local healthfood store.

In water: For acute conditions remedies can be put in water and sipped every half hour. Reduce sipping frequency as symptoms improve. This is for short term acute use.

Storage of Remedies
Remedies made traditionally last for decades when stored correctly and will offer you their full healing power for years to come when they are treated with care.
Homeopathic remedies can be affected by mobile radiation so it makes sense to keep them away from mobile phones, WiFi devices, television, baby monitors or any other electronic equipment.
Store away from extreme temperatures, sunlight and strong smells (ie: the spice, perfume or essential oil cupboards are not good places for your remedies!).
For OUT-OF-HOURS homeopathic advice and support there is the Homeopathic Helpline:
Telephone 09065 343404 for advice via the Homeopathic Helpline in the UK only*

*This is a BT regulated number which costs £1.55 per minute, plus your provider’s access charge.

If you need urgent homoeopathic advice over the phone you may call the Homeopathic Helpline anytime from 0900 through 0000 GMT. You will be able to speak to a registered homeopath who is also a pharmacist, David Needleman BSc LCH MRPharmS MARH, or to Francis Treuherz MA RSHom FSHom, or to another member of the team.

The advice given is mainly concerned with acute problems, advice in the absence of your regular homeopath on holiday, advice about the suitability of your problem for homeopathic treatment. You may be advised to go to see a doctor or an accident or emergency department, if homeopathy is not the right solution.

Or you may be advised which homeopathic remedy to obtain, and from where you may obtain it. This is a premium rate number regulated by PhonepayPlus for professional advice, www.phonepayplus.org.uk. The maximum call duration is usually 10 minutes and is frequently much shorter. The charge is £1.55 per minute plus your provider’s access charge. In case of a problem with the phone service call 0208 958 5830.