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Gravity Life

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We live in an age of forward head syndrome (just check out the postures around you right now!). This product is a great gift to yourself, family or loved one.

Bowen works most effectively with 3 initial appointments a week apart, and then spacing out to fortnightly, then monthly, and beyond. For the price of a couple of bodywork sessions you can invest in this kit, and have daily access to uncurling your spine forever after.

It maintains alignment for longer in between treatments, and induces regular relaxation.

Why live with pain when you can work with your body to be comfortable, relaxed and have more energy for daily parenting.


GRAVITY triggers decompression and relaxation of tight muscles: primarily of the neck, spine and pelvis regions, which then offers a secondary release of associated spinal attachments creating a feeling of less tension throughout the body.

The released muscles in turn reduce pain allowing the body to reposition correctly.

It sounds great, but it feels even better! Regular users find they cannot wait for their Gravity fix. The bonus is…it’s legal and health promoting.

And as a client of mine you have access to a discount. Just ask for the code.


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