Homeopathy for Hyperemesis

Here are a few common homeopathic remedies used for the relief of pregnancy sickness and hyperemesis.


Clean tongue. Unrelenting nausea and vomiting. NO RELIEF after vomiting.


Ambitious personality. Tendency to burn the candle at both ends. Bitter taste in the mouth when burping. Tummy feels bloated and is sensitive to deep touch.


Aggravated by fatty foods. Tearful and likes comfort. Lack of thirst. > fresh air


Feeling sick at the mere sight, smell or even thought of food. Eating or drinking small amounts > Better for exercise and movement. Can become disinterested in other children/ husband and quite cross-patchy wanting her own space.


Vertigo with the nausea. Difficulty driving or being in a car.


Named as the pregnancy sickness remedy to go to when all else fails; YET finding the constitutional remedy for the woman suffering is far more important than simply working through a protocol list and ending up with symphoricarpus out of desperation, (ask me how I know)!


There are many, many more remedies suitable for the acute of nausea and vomiting covering symptoms such as excess saliva requiring spitting, vomiting at the point of sitting up, viscous & frothy saliva and other strange or more rare experiences of pregnancy sickness. A homeopath will help find the remedy that is unique to you.

Please reach out if you’re finding this time overwhelming. In some cases pregnancy sickness can be so all-encompassing that you’ve even had thoughts that you cannot go on:


An extreme form of pregnancy sickness this requires intensive support.

Some of the above remedies will be effective for women even with HG, but likely require high potencies of the remedies and frequent repetition initially. It’s strongly recommended to consult with a homeopath who can do the mental work for you and make sure you feel fully supported at this time.

HG is no small feat to cope with. Having someone who understands just how unbearable it is can be balm to the soul and bring the much-needed encouragement to keep taking the pregnancy one moment at a time.

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Some women report taking sips of diluted apple cider vinegar (in water) can improve the acidity of the stomach and reduce even strong symptoms. This is likely an early intervention for most women, rather than a fix-it once you’re unable to even look at water or hold it in your mouth!

Cocolaurin – a potent form from part of the coconut plant. There does not appear to be evidence-based research about the safety of this product, yet regular use has brought relief to women with previous hyperemesis, bringing them back from the brink of the abyss. Being a food product it may have less side effects than some of the prescription drugs on the market for pregnancy sickness.

Probiotics – the jury is still out on the wisdom of probiotics, and which is required for what kind of health complaint. Ideally eating fermented foods is the most beneficial and safe form of probiotic. Eating stewed apple regularly offers a reliable prebiotic.

Drinking kefir during pregnancy has been shown to reduce the incidence of allergies in children born to that mother, which is of special interest to those of us with a family history of allergies and intolerances.

Homeopathic remedies are safe to take during pregnancy and may be used alongside conventional medicines. It may be just what you are looking for to make this pregnancy more bearable…

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