Homeopathy for Breastfeeding

Homeopathy for mastitis, thrush, sore nipples and beyond: use our simple remedy finder to discover what fits your ‘picture’.

Check out the sections below to see whether you can troubleshoot the remedy that matches your symptoms:

Homeopathy for Sore Nipples

This is another time when it’s essential to first make sure baby has a good latch. Whilst you work this out with support the following remedies can help to bring healing:

Phytolacca – pain from nipples radiates to the whole breast – or even to the whole body.

Silica – inverted nipples with cracks.

Pulsatilla – mother cries at every feed. Weeping and feeling sorry for herself rather than out of anger.

Chamomilla – mother is irritable and angry and can’t bear to bring baby to her breast due to the sensitivity & out-of-the-ordinary perception of pain.

Calendula – general wound healing.

Homeopathy for Mastitis

Take care to get a diagnosis if mastitis does not clear up quickly as left untreated an abscess can form, (there are remedies that can be used for abscesses if they do form). It’s important to keep feeding from the affected breast to maintain supply on that side.

Wiggle your toes and pray and you’ll get through this Mama!

Mastitis is usually very easy to treat homeopathically with prompt attention. Check any bra that you are wearing is well fitted to avoid pressure points that can cause blocked ducts.

Phytolacca – breast is lumpy and full of hard knots.

Belladonna – red patch on breast. Sudden onset. High fever with dilated pupils. Cold hands and feet with radiant heat from body.

Lac can – an oversupply with extreme pain to the extent that mother cannot bear her clothing to even touch the skin.

Bryonia – movement aggravates – feels better wearing a (well-fitted) strong support bra. Slow onset mastitis.

Homeopathy for Thrush (candida)

This can be a huge challenge to breastfeeding mothers constitutionally so remedies are mentioned here under Breastfeeding.

Borax – downward movement aggravates. Clears maybe 90% of cases.

Ant Crud – thickly coated tongue. Baby has an aversion to being touched or looked at.

Medorrhinum – better prescribed by a homeopath, but baby candida can’t be mentioned without acknowledging the underlying imbalance that calls for this remedy. What first appears as a nappy rash becomes an angry red rash that continues to worsen despite good hygiene measures. A single dose of 30c is more than enough when self – prescribing.

Homeopathy for Oversupply

This sounds like a great problem to have – until you have it! Some of the problems with an oversupply are a spluttering baby, green explosive nappies to change and sore, engorged breasts.

There are practical ways to manage an oversupply without using homeopathic remedies which I suggest women try FIRST. Read here.

Calc Carb – mother feels flabby, sweaty and breasts are swollen with baby refusing to nurse. One dose of 30c only.

Lac can – can cause the milk to dry up completely. Dr Peter Webb of the British Homeopathic Association suggests caution and one dose of 6c only. A mother requiring Lac Can may dream of snakes or have a strong fear of them.

Homeopathy for Genuine Low Milk Supply – RARE!

Many mothers worry they have a low supply when actually everything is going really well.

If baby is pooing and weeing and has good tone and a happy face there is unlikely to be a low supply.

However if your baby is failing to gain weight despite a good latch then first READ HERE, get some local support, and only then consider:

Pulsatilla, Lac Def, or Urtica Urens may help.

If failure to thrive is coming from an imbalance within your baby, rather than your milk supply, then do seek homeopathic support from a practitioner for your child’s constitutional remedy.

Reflux, food protein intolerances and skin conditions can go hand-in-hand with slow weight gain.

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