Homeopathy for Breech


Many women feel very concerned when they are told their baby is breech.

In part this is often due to the way the news is delivered; with the advice that a cesarean will be required should the baby not turn head down.

In reality breech has always been a variation of normality and proceeding with a normal birth is typically a safe and sensible thing to do.

In some cases a baby can be supported to turn by making changes within the mother:


  • PULSATILLA 200c is offered as a single dose, or when under tremendous pressure it can be taken hourly for 3-5 doses. Carrying a baby in the breech position is a general indication for this remedy, but it is particularly indicated when Mama is feeling extremely weepy and tearful and doesn’t know if she’s ready to move into the next phase of parenthood.
  • A women needing pulsatilla at any stage will want fresh air, windows open, lots of company and emotional support which makes her feel better. If she doesn’t have support she will feel overly abandoned and forsaken and cry. She won’t be thirsty (except at 2pm). She may crave creamy foods but her digestion will be aggravated by anything fatty or rich.

Bowen Therapy

  • If the mother’s pelvis has any tilts or rotations then it restricts the space that the baby has available to turn freely. By addressing all areas of tension in the soft tissues of the body, it is possible to support proper alignment and make way for the baby to turn head down (if that’s the best position for the baby to take).
  • The benefit of Bowen treatment is that the pelvis is also aligned for a smooth and easy birth for both mother and baby. We live in times where our movement has become restricted sitting in reclining chairs, or at a desk, or living generally sedentary lives where the inlet of our pelvis can become cramped and the movement of our hips and sacrum stagnate.
  • Bowen Therapy gets your body moving again so you can fully open to the process of LIFE.


There is an extremely informative website called Spinning Babies. I have some reservations about this approach, (ask me when we speak!), but if you love to learn there is information to devour. I hope the greatest thing you will take away from this approach is that in becoming a sitting-society, we have largely dropped the way of life that make us optimally functional as human beings.

You can read more about that through Katy Bowman’s books.

But for now the easiest, fastest and most proactive thing you can do is book a time to talk to me about Bowen Therapy and we will get your tissues & bones moving in a way that maximises yours and your baby’s well-being for birth instantly:

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