Homeopathy for Miscarriage

Miscarriage can be devastating, and if it’s recurrent it can become incredibly life impacting. For comprehensive support with recurrent miscarriage please reach out.

First aid remedies you can try in-the-moment are shown below (please see your healthcare provider urgently for heavy bleeding with miscarriage. Homeopathic remedies can be taken whilst awaiting medical assessment).

ACONITE – Fear of dying. Anxiety alternating with calm. Bleeding after any shock.

CAULOPHYLLUM – A tendency to suffer from miscarriages in the early months. Sharp spasmodic cramps low in the pelvis. Weakness, fatigue, trembling or nervous excitement. Incomplete miscarriage with cramping but no resolution. Thirst with contractions. Sensation of congestion and heaviness in the uterus. Protracted bleeding after loss.

CHINA – Chilly, exhausted, dehydrated. Loss of fluids, loss of blood. Thirst, dizziness. Low blood pressure.

CIMICIFUGA – Atony of uterus. Miscarriage at 3 months. Negativity, morbid fears, alternating symptoms. Stitching pains in uterus move side to side. Copious dark clots. Sour or offensive smell. Bleeding suppressed from getting cold or strong emotions. Pain extend to thighs. Cramps in groin and hips. Motion < Bending double > 

SABINA – Bright red clots, stringy discharge. Fluid containing clots. Gushing. Gelatinous. Pain from sacrum to pubic bone. Itching warts. Cysts. Increased libido. Bleeding stops when walking.Ongoing vaginal bleeding since miscarriage. Never been well since miscarriage.

SECALE – Infection, putrid bleeding as of decay. Protracted irregular bleeding. Clots. Convulsions. Coldness of vagina or heat. Maddening itching of genitalia. Puerpural mania. Dark liquid blood. Constrictive pain of uterus like a band. Gangrene of the vagina. Seeping bleed. Third month miscarriage.

SEPIA – Miscarriage 3 months. Miscarriage 5-7 months. Low libido. Enjoyment absent. Dragging pains > for crossing legs. Sensation of a ball. Contractions felt in vagina. Upward stitching pains. Flatus vagina. Bleeding after coition. Bleeding after emotional excitement. Ovaries feel enlarged. Intense back pain. Herpetic eruptions. Vaginismus. Exercise >  

VIBURNUM OP – General tendency to abortion.

None of these resonate, or you’re uncertain about which of these fits your picture? Personalised homeopathic consultations are available to take your constitutional picture and access many more remedies.

If you are struggling to find peace after recurrent losses then ‘Closing’ massages are available to bring a palpable acknowledgement of everything you’ve been through and honour your loss.

Pelvic adjustments for womb balance and improved blood flow to the lining of your womb are also available as well as herbal nourishment to make your body ripe for the miracle of life. BOOK FURTHER SUPPORT HERE.