How Do We Experience Birth?

There’s rarely an in-betweeny birth. It’s usually all peace and joy (as raw as it may have been), or we remember it with a pain and gloom that can put us into depression at the flick of a thought.

And the emotional journey is not always about how we gave birth, though that can certainly factor into it; but rather it’s usually about whether we felt heard, respected, informed and able to make empowered decisions for the well being of our baby…and ourselves (1)

acknowledgement and inclusion of the mother as an individual throughout the process of childbirth may be protective in limiting the experience of birth trauma.

Practitioners do know this through their training, and the majority feel passionate about and want to implement woman-centered, compassionate care, but in a busy unit, with multiple time pressures, and the need for a flow of available beds, how are you going to make sure that you’re not just another patient to be processed through the system, under a daily routine of protocols that may not put you and your baby’s emotional well-being at the heart of the birth experience?

  1. Byrne V; Egan J; Mac Neela P; et al (2015). What about me? The loss of self through the experience of traumatic childbirth. Midwifery

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