Mentoring/ Coaching

Mothering is a Big Job which we’re expected to manage without any training, often with NO SUPPORT, and usually still carrying our own load of trauma from childhood and adolescence.

How can we effectively parent when we’re still broken and hurting ourselves?

When I had 4 children under 5 I was at an all-time low, and felt a tremendous need for some Tender Loving Care and kindly guidance that would go deeper than ‘you’ve made your own bed of roses and must now lie in it’! Those little ones are now big, (with a few more who followed), and I’m in a honored position to offer exactly what I craved.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or chaotic and want help to regain control over your life, rediscover who you are, get on better with your spouse and children!!! and generally restore peace in your mind and home, I’d love to work with you.

At this time in history when at least 9 in 10 parents I meet are bemoaning the LACK of RESPECT, from and towards their teen children, don’t let YOURS be another sad story.

This is a PROACTIVE approach with you at the helm and my feedback offering support towards solution-oriented creativity for you to change from the inside out ACROSS THE WHOLE OF YOUR LIFE!


For those fully in the trenches and flooded with little ones I offer gentle mentoring where you have a safe space to debrief how hard things have felt, and tentatively start putting small changes in place to bring a rhythm to daily life that will help you feel whole and fulfilled. A non-judgemental listening ear from someone who has been there, done that, and survived to encourage you and cheer you on.


For others you will have hit the pits and are now ready to proactively pull yourself out; but you’d like a helping hand and accountability to formulate and stay true to your goals. We won’t be dwelling on your struggles, but rather seeing them in the light of goals you intend to meet to actively change your situation.


Choose to start with a few sessions of gentle mentoring and debriefing and then naturally move into proactive coaching once you are ready for bigger change, OR jump right in and create those beautiful waves of transformation!

Sessions can take a manageable 40 minutes for mums with tinies, or 90 minute blocks (that can be taken up to 3 sessions in one day) to work through more themes. Sessions are conducted via Zoom.

Move gracefully away from overwhelm and into CALM by achieving a steadying home atmosphere and environment that creates safety and warm memories.

Benefit from my 19 years of parenting a large family as well as insight as a holistic therapist & coach to gain the relationships and rock solid family culture in your home that you are deeply craving.


Helping you strive to find and BE your best self