Bowen Results

I had shooting pains in my foot from when I was young that would momentarily paralyse me, and since having Bowen this dramatically improved. It’s 9 months since the last treatment and I had just 1 mild episode. The treatments are so relaxing I sometimes feel as if I’ve slept, and I feel the benefits with clarity of thought straight away. Do drink more water after your session as your body needs it.
Sumayyah, mum of 5
I’ve been seeing Khadijah for Bowen a couple of times a year since 2009. I’m happy to have found a therapy that gets rid of my aches and pains. No more chronic knee and shoulder pain, and it dealt with the SPD I had during pregnancy.
Umm Ismael, mother of 3
I used to get spasms in my calf when I woke up in the morning so tight there was a dent in my muscle, and after 3 sessions that stopped completely. I had to remember not to stretch or I’d get those spasms, and now I can stretch out and relax!
Mansura, 16
I had painful SPD during my pregnancy that meant I was unable to walk, get into the bath, or even be intimate with my husband. After a few treatments all three were possible.
Claire, Mum of 3
I was facing an induction after a difficult pregnancy and was really worried it was going to result in a cesarean. After two sessions with Khadijah I went into labour. It could have been a coincidence but it felt like it worked to relax my body.
Zara, Mum of 2
After suffering SPD with my previous pregnancy I was terrified of it returning this time round. With weekly treatments I’ve been able to walk the whole pregnancy without pain which has been a big relief!
Maara, Mum of Many.
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