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Female prolapse can be broadly of 3 types. The rectum, bladder or uterus rests/ sinks into the vagina rather than being well supported in it’s correct place. This can happen for many reasons, but with Bowen Therapy we can address all the physical reasons.

Here’s an article explaining why prolapse is linked from toes to head.


Correcting the tension of the ligaments and muscles surrounding the pelvic floor can have a sudden and life changing impact. Many women find after treatment that they have more tone, (both inside! and out), more energy, and an improved posture and sense of being at peace in their own skin.

Bowen can also be deeply relaxing and combat the high levels of stress we are all exposed to nowadays and which exacerbates the way we can cope with everything we may face. Improved tone and relaxation to boot is doubly healing.


Homeopathy has a few useful remedies for women that are best prescribed by a homeopath to make sure they do fit the whole picture of the individual concerned, and are taken in the right potency, with a frequency that will work to heal rather than harm.

Here are a couple of insights so you can see how homeopathy matches up the remedy to the person.

Lilium Tigrinum

Prolapse with constant urge to pass stool and urine. A sensation of bearing down as if all the insides will come out. Feeling worse when sexually excited. Better when crosses limbs and presses on vulva.


Constant bearing down sensation as if the uterus will come out. Worse for standing. Lack of joy and feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities. Overall better for hard exercise and dancing. Irritable, and worse for consolation.

Whole Woman

Has Yoga videos for WOMEN, and has a huge forum for to connect and discuss the everyday reality of living with differing degrees of prolapse. Also teaches about being barefoot as often as possible, using tow socks that spread the toes and wearing shoes with a broad toe space. High heels are so last decade. Embrace flat for the health of your whole body.

Mayan Abdominal/ Mizan

These can help with alignment of the womb, but keep in mind that restoring the whole body alignment  and tension is vital for full health.

Postural Awareness

(please note there are fleeting images of some barely clad people in this video to demonstrate posture, that might offend some)



EFT pops up everywhere, because many physical conditions have their root in the mind (our preconceived ideas and genetics combining to make us more or less susceptible to various conditions), OR the condition is made easier or harder to live with depending on the messages we have going round and round and round our heads!

EFT connects us to our negative chatterings and helps to gently and powerfully release them to support us living in the moment, and embracing who we are, right now.


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