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There Is NO Perfect

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Sara is feeling depressed. It’s been a long day, and she just met another mother who looks like she has it all together. She said her baby sleeps through the night, she has lots of people cooking for her, and she is back at the gym losing her baby weight.

Sara has no help, her baby nurses hourly by day and by night, and she is 2 stones heavier than she wants to be. Sara is not a perfect mother…and the good news is: NO ONE is a perfect mother!!! so she can stop comparing the small, often misleading snippets of life that she sees in other woman and families, and lean into her own intuition about what is right for HER family.

Adjusting to being a (new) Mama is hard work! it’s important to try and stay tuned in to your own baby or child and meet their needs in the way that works for you. The only thing worse than social isolation is meeting mums who say they have a perfect routine and are blissfully enjoying every single moment of motherhood. Eugh!

Action point: look for a Mama group in your area that balances reality with aspirations, so you can offload the hard times, and build on the good with a group of like-minded Mamas. Build your own little tribe to grow into life together.

There is always space for mothers to gather online whilst you build your on-the-ground support network too. Join us at Nourishing Motherhood for good company and sharing of experiences, hints and tips relating to the childbearing years.

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