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TTC – when to start with holistic input.

How long have you been TTC?

Many couples have patience with their journey to parenthood for about a year or so, and then they PANIC and start looking into medically assisted routes.

The urgency they feel at that point becomes all encompassing and often takes over daily life.

Each cycle, each bleed, leads to a deepening sense of sadness, doom and frustration, and eventually impacts on the magic and spontaneity of the couple relationship¬†😓

I work with women at all stages of their journey, and at many different levels of support.

For some couples taking a supplement is enough for them, both emotionally and physically, to take them into parenthood with renewed harmony.

For others there is a history of trauma and physical health challenges that must be focused on and overcome with time.

And everything in between.

A homeobotanical blend for you and your spouse is available with the initial consultation and prescription, and can be priceless for your combined fertility.

The different herbs used in the Male and Female blends uniquely target hormonal regulation and health.

For some couples it is important to first detox for a few weeks, and I can advise you individually if this is the case.

More in depth support including Bowen therapy, cycle awareness and coaching is available to find the support you need for a thriving partnership.


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