Homeopathy Reviews

Initially I liked the sound of homeopathy as something natural, a remedy for everything and an holistic approach to possibly heal my loved ones. I must admit, my only hesitation was due to  financial reasons until I had a realisation after my son was in pain after having his grommet fall out – I had chosen this invasive operation for him – and opted in future to go for a natural approach to heal instead of  being cut open again to plaster his ear drum. It’s been a long process as homeopathy looks at the “whole” bigger picture. What’s been so lovely is my son has his voice heard. Questions were asked not only to me but him too; he had ownership over his health. The results from this have only made us as a family grow in confidence knowing these little “homeopathic balls” as we call them really heal! Khadijah listens to me and the children with equal care, concern and professionalism. We’ve been treated during and after pregnancies, bereavement,  baby tantrums to tooth abscess. We have a religious tradition “Wish for your brother / sister what you wish for yourself” (Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him), and I would not hesitate in recommending Khadijah to family and friends. 

Khadijah has shown exceptional willingness to work cooperatively with me in a respectful, adult, therapeutic relationship against the comforting backdrop of her considerable knowledge and experience as a homeopath, herbalist and counsellor. Within the sphere of the therapeutic space she has provided I have felt no pressure to conform to external ideals or to radically change my lifestyle. My feedback has always been valued and considered with calm kindness and a rock-solid fortress of discretion and confidentiality. Prior to commencing treatment I explained that I was not prepared to struggle or suffer through a difficult treatment  even if it would bring long-term health benefits, Khadijah has taken full consideration of this and has adapted my treatments accordingly – even finding a way for me to continue drinking coffee if I so wish (which I do). If you are looking for a friendly, adaptable, considerate healer then I can recommend Khadijah. 

Khadijah is a warm person, who is able to connect with an individual at a deep, meaningful level. I have had the privilege of working with Khadijah through both my husband and son. My son (now 8.5yrs) had been facing an ongoing issue with uncontrolled bowel movements, this had been a problem since the age of about 4 and got progressively worse over the next few years. I had tried other homeopaths, spoken to doctors but to no avail. It was last year that I consulted Khadijah regarding the issue. My son also sat in on the consultation and was able to discuss his thoughts and feelings with Khadijah. It took just one remedy and for over a year now we have had no problems with defecating (in the pants). I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Khadijah for her amazing ability to work professionally and intuitively.

It was around the same time my husband also consulted Khadijah regarding his skin-condition (psoriasis). He developed the condition about 17years ago. Over the years he had tried different avenues to heal his body, however, nothing seemed to work. Although his psoriasis hasn’t fully cleared it has reduced significantly (almost 85%). We are pleased with Khadijah’s after support too; when taking remedies it is important to be able to have an ongoing relationship with your homeopath.

Khadijah is someone who goes over and beyond expectations. Anyone who is honoured to work with her is truly blessed. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who has any kind of issue in life that they just can’t seem to get rid of. Some people are homeopaths because they studied to be one and others are naturally gifted with the art of healing. Khadijah is not only a qualified homeopath but also someone naturally gifted with healing, who actually wants to make a real difference in the lives of her clients. 

  • What changes have you noticed in your (life, health, etc.) so far? NO PERIOD PAINS, (this did take 6-8 months so no overnight thingy). Just generally feel better in myself as well as feeling more energy/can do more stuff because not in pain.
  • What did you like best about working with me? How patient you are as I describe ridiculous symptoms to you, you’re always there to listen and apply a remedy to random symptoms/pains I have.
  • How have you benefited from the service I provided you with? In a lot of ways, I look forward to my “ladies break” now because I know I’ll be pain free! I just feel a lot better, you really just have to try it to feel the “homeopathy feeling” like unless you actually experience it you’ll never really know, (and it’s slightly different for everyone). Also with Bowen it just made me feel so much fresher, I kind of get similar reactions to homeopathy and Bowen.
  • Would you recommend my service to others? If so, why? Definitely, I think people can have a way better quality of life with homeopathy/Bowen!!!!!!
  • Is there anything else you’d like to add? Thank You for all my treatment over the last 18 odd years!