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Why do women have interventions?

So why is it that most women still have some kind of medical intervention during labour, or the immediate postnatal period, even with Doula support?

Here’s what I’ve observed over two decades…

  1. The hospital system is not set up for normality. Everything about the medicalisation of childbirth disrupts our beautifully inbuilt hormones to birth our babies safely (for both their bodies, and our own).
  2. Normal birth is not respected as something important to invest in. Many women who originally want a natural birth drop this aspiration once in the birthing space, mostly due to the emotional pressure and fear mongering that takes place within our culture. The collective transformation of birth will ONLY take place when women set a new bar for what normality means (normal physiological birth does NOT include having the injection after baby is born ‘just in case’ OR cutting the cord before it has turned white, and yet these are routine practices in the UK). But YOU can always create your own personal revolution when you know CLEARLY what you want, and prepare for it.
  3. Hiring a Doula does not relieve the personal responsibility of each women to be fully present and in control of her OWN birth. Absolutely nobody can get a woman normality except for her own intentions, preparations and proactively setting up her space. Doulas can absolutely support you and uphold you in this: YES!YES!!! YES!!!!! but paying £100 or £10,000 will make zero difference to outcome unless YOU buy in emotionally and physically 100%.
  4. Most women are simply not physically and mentally prepared for birth. Knowledge is useful, but if your pelvis is wonky no amount of mind-over-matter or affirmations will help you on the big day or night. Neither will avoiding hearing or saying the word pain or contraction (PAIN PAIN PAAAAAIN with contractions can be delightful and sweet by the way!).
  5. Alignment and deep emotional healing WILL aid you to face birth (and your whole LIFE!) with renewed energy, vitality and passion to pursue your goals with excellence.

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