Words of Love: Closing the Bones

I feel appreciation for everything I’ve been through. When I was lying there I was reflecting on what my body has been through. There’s a sense of closure and moving on. I can concentrate on the next phase of motherhood and now realise I can look after myself as well. I’m worth something too.

With the massage – I don’t know how to put it into words! It was more than a massage. I could feel my mind and my body joining up. My mind allowing my body to heal. I deserve this!

Closing the Bones – I was reflecting on death half the time. In a good way. I don’t want to sound morbid! It felt like my body was clicking into place. Pulling everything together. At the pelvis part I had the profound feeling ‘I’m coming back together’.

A very relaxing session which is restorative. The peace and stillness in which it is done was particularly healing. I used the time to appreciate what my body had gone through and the journey I had taken into motherhood so far. Highly recommended for those who want to just put things back in place physically and mentally.